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What is the complete best way to clean carpet? Carpet manufacturers are just about unanimous. The best way is to use hot-water extraction, also called steam cleaning. Shaw Industries, for example, which is the world's chief carpet manufacturer, recommends only hot-water extraction.

It is also suggested that you use truck-mount units, since portable apparatus don't have as much suction power and heat. Hot-water extraction is not the only way, though. You can dry-clean your carpet as well. A debate of both methods follows.

Dry Cleaning Carpet

There are numerous variations of dry cleaning. None of these, by the way, involves rinsing your carpet when finished. One approach uses a foam that dries in your carpet and then is vacuumed up. It is distrustful that all the filtrate can be extracted.

Another approach uses a line boater that spins. This is meant to absorb the dirt in your carpet. There are some questions as to how genuinely this approach can clean your carpet.

Finally, there's a dry-cleaning compound that looks like wet sawdust. This is brushed into your carpet, where the dirt adheres to it. When it's dry, it is vacuumed out.

Given their cynical effectiveness, why are these methods used? The core argue may be that the tackle costs less. In fact, it is thousands of dollars less than hot-water extraction equipment.

Steam Cleaning Carpet

It is in fact hot-water extraction, but it steams a lot. It is also the best way to clean carpet. A good truck-mount hot-water extraction unit military very hot water into the carpet under high pressure, and then sucks it (and the dirt) out thoroughly. "Steam cleaning," as it is generally called, has the subsequent advantages:

- The high heat kills bacteria, fungus, mold, and dust mites, construction it the healthiest way to clean carpet.

- It doesn't leave residue, if it's done correctly. Detergent residues catch the attention of dirt, which can break carpet.

- The high burden cleans carpet more deeply.

- The brawny vacuum also cleans carpet more deeply.

- Heat actually helps! Above 118 degrees fahrenheit, every 18 degrees privileged changes substance reactivity by 100%. Hot water extraction cleaning is done connecting 150 and 200 degrees. Is that too technical? The base line is that it's just the best way to clean carpet.

Steve Gillman has worked in the carpet cleaning activity for years. For more carpet-care information, and definite stain-by-stain amputation instructions, visit http://www. HowToRemoveCarpetStains. com


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