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To most of us, defense at home is very important. Ever skilled appearance home one night and found your personal effects scattered around? Or maybe you heard funny noises while you were sleeping and wondered if it was some thieves in your house? Would you like to worry less and enjoy your home better? Well, above and beyond house alarm or sealing up your house with grills and locks, why not place an interesting home decor, which will help to ward off house thieves?

Chinese civilization believes that by introduction umbrellas in the lobby or at the front of the house, your house can be not permitted from being the thief's target. Umbrellas located into a nice urn near the front door not only add a spark to your lobby but also make the area methodical while you can reach for an umbrella easily. There are many urns in the marketplace but we approvingly advise that you get one that matches your door, wall and size of your lobby. If you can't decide, get a plain ironstone china urn that will match any background. Chinese Feng Shui also mentioned urns next to the front door will help to capture the energy (chi) flowed into the house. Anyway urns, you can try using baskets, umbrella stands and vase.

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