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5 easy steps to defend your hardwood floor from catastrophe - home-improvement


Common comprehension states that hardwood floors are a great investment for a homeowner. They add a a number of charm and atmosphere to a home that can't be cyber- by laminates, carpeting, or any other type of flooring. However, the investment does not stop with the assessment to acquire hardwoods. To hang on to the value, the hardwood must be appropriately cared for and maintained. Fortunately, with a few simple, easy, low-cost steps, your hardwood carpet will continually continue in accurate shape.

1. Do not use Murphy's Oil Soap. Murphy's works great on inexpressive furniture, but don't make the confound of using it on your hardwood floors. You won't announcement whatever thing wrong after applying it once, but if used consistently, deposit will build up and leave your floor with a dull appearance.

2. Do not use a Wet Swiffer. A Dry Swiffer is great for collecting dust, dirt, and pet hair from your floors, and it is also less coarse than a vacuum cleaner. However, a Wet Swiffer can cause major long-term damage. The chemicals in the cleaning elucidation can break down the urethane be over on your floor and leave it dull, faded, and lifeless.

3. Place area rugs someplace that might assemble water. Prime areas are in front of the refrigerator, by the dishwasher, and near any sinks. Make sure that the floor is secluded in any spot that is susceptible to minor leaks and water collection. A pool of water is the quickest way to break your floor.

4. Use floor mats in spots where ancestors step on the hardwood candidly after being outside. In adding to defending aligned with wet or muddy footprints, floor mats will help amass any sharp or aggressive supplies stuck in the treads of shoes. This step will help avoid fortuitous scraping or scratching.

5. Use felt pads when heartrending furniture. Or beat yet, lift the furniture off the argument in its place of sliding it diagonally your hardwood floor. If felt pads must be used, delight make sure that they are free of any debris. Even if a tiny a small amount balk like a attach is under that pad when heavy furniture is set upon it, your floor could accept some critical gouges.

These steps will help guarantee that your home retains its value by caring your hardwood floors alongside major damage.

Accidents do happen, however, no be of importance how assiduous you are. If your floor becomes damaged, commerce the manufacturer or the installer for advice.

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