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Refinishing a hardwood floor - home-improvement


Want to bring your hardwood floors back to their ex- beauty, but don't have the money? Then read on for some tips on how you can refinish the floor yourself.

If you have the time and don't mind doing the work, then refinishing your floors by hand is a great opportunity but beforehand opening out, it's not a bad idea to get an assessment from a expert so you can equate the cost of doing it physically to what they would charge. You'll get quite a shock at the sum that is charged. It may cost over $1000 to have just 1 room done. You could carpet over it for less, but doesn't carpet tiles over exquisite hardwood floors seem, well, wrong?

It is in fact considerably easy to refinish a wood floor - if you pay consideration to what you are doing. To sand the floor, you need a drum sander and perhaps a belt sander which can be on loan at your immediate area Home Depot or hardware store. They can help you assume out which apparatus you need to rent, what kind of sand paper you ought to buy and also can help with the type and total of stain and bring to a close for the floor. You might also want to get some dust masks and artificial to bit the room off from the rest of the house. Fine particles of dust will get far and wide - even if you division off the room, but you may be able to lessen the blow on the rest of the house.

The most critical part of refinishing your floors is culture how to charge the sander. The key to administration the sander is to make sure it keeps affecting at all times, if not they are down-to-earth to use, even if a bit hard on the ears. If you stop in 1 spot, you will in all probability get a big gouge in your floor. Equate it to using an iron on your clothes - if you stop in 1 spot too long you'll burn a hole. The sander is akin since it creates a lot of heat, maintenance it in 1 spot can burn or dent your floor.

You do need to be assiduous with the sander as it is self propelled. When you first start it up, make sure you hold on firmly. Don't be fearful of the appliance but make sure you avow absolute control. Relax, after a few spins, it may even start to seem like fun.

After the old be over is removed, you need to apply the stain and new finish. Think of this as the same as doing your nails - first you amputate the old finish, then basecoat, color and topcoat. Every now and then you don't want color on your nails so you skip that part. In your floor you might also skip that part (the stain) but you still want to use a be over to defend the floor.

When selecting a be over you can pick from an oil based or polyurethane (water based) finish. When selecting an oil based bring to a close you will need to conclude if you want a satin, gloss or semi gloss finish. It's in all probability best for you to use satin on a hardwood floor as it will help hide any flaws in the wood and is much more agreeable then a brainy shine Using oil based bring to a close is beat for wood floors as it casts a warm amber glow. Water based, on the other had dries closer and resists yellowing.

No be relevant which you choose, you must let each coat dry ahead of putting down the next coat. Think back to the nail buff analogy! Be a consequence the manufacturers directives on the appearance already you concern the room again. As a rule you can move your furniture back in after about 24 hours.

As you can see, the task of refinishing your floors need not be overwhelming. Think of it as bountiful your room a manicure. Take it one step at a time and use care in the course and you can have a great looking floor and save physically about $1000 to boot!

Lee Dobbins is a contributing journalist for home change for the better assets such as Refinishing-Hardwood-Floors. com. Visit our site and learn more about refinishing hardwood floors.


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