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The art of power washing siding - home-improvement


Some of the most customary mistakes to avoid made by homeowners and contractors are:

Trying to delete the dry finish called rust on aluminum siding. Removing this covering can cause stain and in some cases cause the siding to look like a entirely another color. Using too much bully can also force water up after the siding where it will cause yeast at the back the siding or in some cases, blow the siding off the house!

Washing the house from the top down or leasing chemicals dry on the house, which may leave streaks on the siding.

Using a ladder to clean the upper areas of a house can answer in critical injuries and death from slipping off the ladder. These are the types of mishaps that many associates have when attempting to do a quick power washing of their home. If you choose to use a power washer on your home, here are some broad-spectrum guidelines to use.

Make sure the android your using puts out a least of 4 gallons of water per diminutive and less than 1000 PSI.

Most homeowners will buy a android from a hardware store that puts out 1,000 PSI but only uses 2 gallons per exact of water. While this automaton may work, it will triple the sum of time to do the job properly. Be cautious if your creation your own house washing chemicals. For example, amalgamation peroxide and ammonia can conceive a evil gas.

We be redolent of that home owners buy a siding wash that's obtainable in most hardware supplies and be a consequence the manufactures guidelines for the product. Leave the stronger agents to the pro's or you may end up removing the paint along with the dirt!

The best way to clean siding is by using a power washer that has a substance injector built into the machine. Using a compound injector will allow you to pull the soap from the container, amalgamation it in the appliance with water and spray it onto the house using low bully early from the bed up. Make sure when using a power washer that you don't shoot water or chemicals up under the siding, this can cause important mold harms after your siding.

Allow the substance to dwell on the siding, then using low pressure, rinse the creation from the siding. Make sure when your rinsing the artifact off the siding that you start at one end of the siding all the way to the end. Do not stop or vary your aloofness from the siding, or it will cause the become known to be cleaned un-evenly.

If your siding has small black dots that do not come off at some point in cleaning but can be shabby off using your handle nail. You maybe have armaments mold on your siding. This can not be aloof from the siding exclusive of causing damage. For more in a row on Guns fungus, see the Arms toadstool page.

If you choose this endeavor is more than you want to carry out on your own, we would be happy to tell you how to do the job carefully and accurately or to find a decent and skilled company. Just give us a call.

Henry Bockman
President, Henry's Housework Inc.
MHIC # 65039 Licensed, bonded and insured.
www. Henryshousework. com
301 353 9287

Henry Bockman has provided power washing, gutter cleaning, roof repairs and deck re-establishment armed forces to over 10,000 ad and housing clients for over 16 years.

Henry Bockman is at this time the Maryland PWNA division president, serves on the Board of Directors for the Inhabitant company The Power Washers of North America and is also the Chairman for the Clean Crosswise America battle which he helped build in 2004. For more in order on Henry Bockman and his company, Henry's Housework, visit the website at http://www. henryshousework. com


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