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Installing a toilet - home-improvement


The installation of a toilet is a moderately easy job for a homeowner. With a connect of wrenches, a screwdriver and a few shims a new toilet can be installed in about one hour.

Toilets can be purchased at any home convalescence store or plumbing bring center. Typically a gravity flush toilet costs concerning $150 and $300, nevertheless the price can alter ego or triple for more elaborate units, such as bulldoze flush systems. Today's toilets are mandated to use no more than 1. 6 gallons per flush, where as older units used as much as 5 gallons. The original 1. 6 gallon toilets were notorious for habitually clogging, but over the past numerous years suppliers have better the act of these low water-use systems.

Setting the Toilet

A toilet by and large consists of two main parts: a bowl and a tank. It is best to first bed in the bowl. Prior to chairs the bowl, check if the closet extension has been for the short term plugged with filling or a rag to check sewer gases from escaping. Confiscate this. Next set the bowl on top of the closet lip to affect if it sits level. If it does not, coach some shims to use later.

Next amputate the bowl, and addition the closet bolts (approximately 2" long bolts) into the slots on the closet flange.

Then turn the bowl over and establish a wax ring gasket over the channel of the bowl. This channel is also know as the "horn".

Place the bowl onto the closet flange. Make sure the bowl is well seated by rocking the bowl down. Once the bowl has been seated, place a level on it and use the shims as necessary. Next, using nuts and washers increase up the bolts. Note: be cautious not to over-tighten these bolts as it could crack the bowl.

Next affix the tank to the bowl using the tank bolts, nuts and washers. Again, do not over tighten.

Installing the Float Contribute Unit

Install the float contribute unit into the tank and hook up the water line to the tank inlet. Again, do not over increase and make sure to use the washers supplied.

Next, turn the bring in line on and alter the float as necessary. Finally, caulk about the base of the unit and you are done.

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